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Fireworks Manila

2015: A New Hope, A New Plan, A New Life

Fireworks Manila

Welcome 2015!

It’s a brand new year to everyone.

Let’s just leave  the ‘garbage’ of the past year 2014.

Let’s use the lesson of failures for good in the upcoming new year.

Let’s think, plan, decide and hope for the best in 2015.

It is a new life to all of us, let’s not waste it again.

Be optimistic, think positive.

Peace, Love, Good Health, Prosperity to all in 2015.

God Bless Us All!





The Real Celebration of Halloween

JACK O LANTERN HALLOWEEN 2014It is Halloween again, reminding us all about the true nature of our existence in this world – we cannot live permanently in the physical plane but in eternity beyond.

This is not what most people think about Halloween, but the hauntings and the manifestation of ghosts, monsters, vampires and other demonic creatures.

I agree with Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle reminding the faithful about the ‘deep religious roots’ of halloween, which is not only to remember the souls of the departed but the good deeds of the martyrs and saints.Cardinal Tagle

“Halloween also has religious roots. But like many religious activities, other elements have been mixed in. Now it has become mainly a costume party held for fun,” Tagle noted.

Cardinal Tagle clarifies the church is not against the costume party and other Halloween celebration but it should be for the sacredness of the season.

“The Church is not against people having fun, but they should not forget the real meaning of the celebration,” the cardinal said.

Cardinal Tagle encouraged people participating in Halloween party to wear costumes inspired by the saints.

On the other hand, we should also be aware that the Halloween’s origin can be traced over 2000 years ago during the Ancient pagan festival by the Celtic people.

According to the World Book of Encyclopedia, “The Celts believed that the dead could walk among the living at this time. During Samhain, the living could visit with the dead.”

Moreover, Celts wore goulish costumes so that wandering spirits would mistake them as one of their own and leave them alone. Monster costumes somehow served as camouflaged to hide the true identity of the living.

If you ask me what we should do during Halloween? Of course, we can celebrate based on what we know could entertain us or make us happy but we should not forget that All Saint’s Day is should be offered to the saints based on Christian belief and All Souls’ Day should be dedicated to the departed souls. Let us offer our heartfelt prayers, forgive and release those souls whether they are our relatives, friends and even enemies.




Supercars at the Manila International Auto Show 2014

A bunch of SUPERCARS during the Manila International Auto Show event in World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines. Pick your choice what supercar do you want to own someday.


Ferrari 458 Italia by PininfarinaSONY DSC

Porsche 911 Turbo SSONY DSC

Ferrari ScuderiaSONY DSC

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Protecting the Philippine Mediamen

Philippines is ranked the second deadliest country in the world for journalists.

The Committee to Protect Journalists says in it’s website CPJ.Org,  most of the journalists killed covered politics or corruption. At least 76 journalists have been killed for their work in the Philippines since 1992, when CPJ began keeping detailed records of journalist fatalities. Continue reading


Legal Guns Save Lives

I am a gun enthusiast and I also join shooting competition (not so competitive) with fellow mediamen shooters and the PROS in shooting sports.

Shooting competitions either practical shooting or tactical shooting are so much of fun and I really enjoy it but at the same time, I am aware, it is more of a ‘great responsibility having a gun in possession.’ Continue reading


The Subtle Messages of ‘Moon Halo’

Metaphysicists, paranormalists, wiccans and spiritualists including healers use the energy of the Moon according to the intention of their rituals and practices.

The favorite moon phase is FULL MOON, which mostly believe the lunar energies are at full blast during this manifestation. Though other phases like waning and waxing have special purpose.

Moon appearances in the night skies have many interpretations based on the feeling, sense and intuition of the viewer though most of the time we prefer to relate such images in folklore supertitions. Continue reading

Bonifacio 150th Birth

Philippines celebrates 150th Bonifacio Day

Various activities have lined up and prepped as the nation celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gat Andres Bonifacio tomorrow, November 30.

Bonifacio is known as the “Father of Philippine Revolution” and founded KKK- Kataastaasan Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga anak ng Bayan. Continue reading

face illusion

Panlabas na Anyo, Isang Ilusyon

Nais ko lang ibahagi sa inyo ang isang katotohanan na hindi lahat ng nakikita natin sa panlabas na anyo ng tao ay siya rin ang totoong kagandahan nito o magandang pag-uugali.

Meron ngang kasabihan na “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” at ito ay halaw sa naunang kasabihan ni Classical Greek Philosopher at Mathematician Plato, na nagsabing  “Remember how in that communion only, beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may.”  Continue reading


CMMA Awards DZRH Nutrition Program “2013 Best Public Service”

The 35th Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) gives the ‘Best Public Service Program’ award to DZRH radio program “Katumbas Ay Biyaya” which I am the main host with the resource persons from National Nutrition Council (NNC).

The Katumbas Ay Biyaya program, now on it’s Season 8 is aired once a week over DZRH 666 Khz AM every Saturday at 10 to 11 am., discussing variety of topics about proper nutrition of the Filipino  people.

The program features a 15-minute drama followed by an informative discussion on a nutrition topic related to the drama. It also includes real life stories from Katumbas listeners who have personally benefited from the program’s lessons and information sharing. Continue reading


Pinoy Mythical Creatures (Manila Bulletin interviews Rey T. Sibayan)

Manila Bulletin published an article about Top Five (5) Mythical Creatures in the Philippines based on an article written by Michael Joe Delizo of Manila Bulletin when he interviewed me for Halloween 2013 Edition.

The 5 Pinoy Mythical Creatures are Tiyanak, Manananggal, Kapre, Tikbalang and Nuno sa Punso (Duwende). Basically tiyanak could be a demonic manifestation of an unborn child or an elemental posed as a ‘baby ghoul.’ Manananggal is an species of ‘aswang’ with bat-like wings based on stories of people who have their close encounters with them but until now no strong evidence (real photo, video) about them.

Three other Pinoy mythical creatures such as Kapre, Tikbalang and Nuno sa Punso or Dwende are all belong to the elemental dimension also known as encantos. Of course, mostly negative in nature but there are few who are evolved elemental beings which heal and guide people. Read the whole story written by Michael Delizo,

Continue reading