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Do You Want to Know Your Past Lives?

Do you believe you have past lives?

What do you think who you were in the past?

Experts say, a person could have incarnated/reincarnated in the past in the series of lifetimes on this planet.

Consider also your past lives elsewhere in the Universe, other galaxies, or maybe in another dimension of consciousness.

Try the following videos on Guided Past Live Regression, it is recommended you use headphones for better focusing and concentration. You can do it to yourself but don’t do it by yourself.

All the videos here I think could stimulate your subconscious mind to remember your past lives, but the result could vary from one person to another.

It is strongly advised that before doing the past life regression, you are ready to see whatever images or experience during the subconsious journey. Make sure to pray first to the Divine or God and ask assistance from your spirit guides and angels.

A video below offers some tips on How to Activate Past Live Memories: