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Strange Face with the Bright Object



Taken past 10 pm October 1, 2011, I took this photo in the Eastern Horizon and captured strange face-like cloud and a bright object.

I presume the object is just a star or could be a planet, but it seems it closely resembles a celestial body.

What do you think that bright object is?

How did that object be “coincidentally” part of the strange face cloud?

Can anybody give me a better explanation about this?

World Peace

World Peace Prayer

We pray to the great Spiritual Power in whichwe live and move and have our being.

We pray that we may at all timeskeep our minds open to new ideas and shun dogma; that we may grow in our understanding of the nature of all living beingsand our connectedness with the natural world; that we may become ever more filled withgenerosity of spirit and true compassion and love for all life;that we may strive to heal the hurts that we have inflicted on natureand control our greed for material things, knowing thatour actions are harming our natural world and the future of our children;that we may value each and every human beingfor who he is, for who she is,reaching to the spirit that is within,knowing the power of each individual to change the world.

We pray for social justice,for the alleviation of the crippling povertythat condemns millions of people around the worldto lives of misery – hungry, sick, and utterly without hope.

We pray for the children who are starving,who are condemned to homelessness, slave labor, and prostitution,and especially for those forced to fight, to kill and tortureeven members of their own family.

We pray for the victims of violence and war,for those wounded in body and for those wounded in mind.

We pray for the multitudes of refugees, forced from their homes to alien placesthrough war or through the utter destruction of their environment.

We pray for suffering animals everywhere,for an end to the pain caused by scientific experimentation,intensive farming, fur farming, shooting, trapping,training for entertainment, abusive pet owners,and all other forms of exploitationsuch as overloading and overworking pack animals,bull fighting, badger baiting, dog and cock fighting and so many more.

We pray for an end to cruelty,whether to humans or other animals,for an end to bullying, and torture in all its forms.

We pray that we may learn the peace that comes with forgivingand the strength we gain in loving; that we may learn to take nothing for granted in this life; that we may learn to see and understand with our hearts;that we may learn to rejoice in our being.

We pray for these things with humility;

We pray because of the hope that is within us,and because of a faith in the ultimate triumph of the human spirit;

We pray because of our love for Creation, and because of our trust in God.

We pray, above all, for peace throughout the world.

prayer for world peace – dr. jane goodall

source: http://www.worldprayers.org/

Near Death Experience

What is Near-Death-Experience (NDE)

Though many people in the operating table are not aware they have experience the NDE, mostly they would describe what they have seen while in the comatose or unconscious in the physical body.

This is what researchers said, the Near-Death Experience (NDE), a process where in a soul experiences death or crossing the borders of life and the after life.

The International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc., has defined NDE as feeling that the “self” has left the body and is hovering overhead. The person may later be able to describe who was where and what happened, sometimes in detail.
Moving through a dark space or tunnel.

Experiencing intensely powerful emotions, ranging from bliss to extreme distress.
Encountering a light.

It is usually described as golden or white, and as being magnetic and loving; rarely, it is perceived as a reflection of the fires of hell.

Receiving some variant of the message “It is not yet your time.”

Meeting others: may be deceased loved ones, recognized from life or not; sacred beings; unidentified entities and/or “beings of light”; sometimes symbols from one’s own or other religious traditions.

A life review, seeing and re-experiencing major and trivial events of one’s life, sometimes from the perspective of the other people involved, and coming to some conclusion about the adequacy of that life and what changes are needed.

Having a sense of understanding everything, of knowing how the universe works.

Reaching a boundary, a cliff, fence, water, some kind of barrier that may not be crossed if one is to return to life.

In some cases, entering a city or library.

Rarely, receiving previously unknown information about one’s life, e.g., adoption or
hidden parentage, deceased siblings, glimpses into future events.

Decision to return may be voluntary or involuntary. If voluntary, usually associated with unfinished service to loved ones.

Returning to the body.

Most NDEs are pleasurable, but others are deeply distressing.

In either case, virtually all NDErs sooner or later come to see the experience as beneficial.

source: www.IANDs.org