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Flor Abanto

GD Crystal Relieves Cough, Sore Throat of a Lady Professor

The GD Crystal for healing, psychic protection, meditation and psychic development. For inquiries: 09081217808; 09179076847.
The GD Crystal for healing, psychic protection, meditation and psychic development.
For inquiries: 09081217808; 09179076847.


Once again the Guardian Diamond (GD) Crystal proved it’s power in healing.

A lady Masscom professor, Ms. Flor Abanto of St. Scholastica College, Manila, Philippines was suffering from cough and sore throat before her weekly radio program. She was advised by Mr. Rey Sibayan to energize a drinking water using the GD Crystal and presto the result was amazing.

Watch the video below:

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Man in Saudi Arabia Senses the Energy of GD Crystal

The Healing GD Crystal

A man in Saudi Arabia shared his paranormal experience with the Guardian Diamond (GD) Crystal, when he could even sense the strong energy emitting from the GD Crystal while watching the video posted in Youtube.

Donald Alvarez admitted in his email to Mr. Rey T. Sibayan of Misteryo that he became interested with crystals 4 years ago when he was still applying for a job abroad.

Since then he learn things about the the power of the crystals.



Read mr. Alvarez statement about his experience with GD Crystal.
“Eversince i learned about the GD in your website i really got excited and i cannot wait to hold it in my hand.everytime i think about the GD i can feel the energy flowing to me and i felt cool sensation on my chest.maybe it can help me on my meditation and remote viewing.yes,i’m practising remote viewing but i can’t concentrate because of my monkey mind i’m hopefull the GD can help me to concentrate more.i become interested in crystals about 4 years ago when i was still applying for a job abroad.since i was renting a room in quiapo i was exposed to the crystals beside the church and i met different people and learned about the power of the crystals.actually,i was interested in paranormal long time ago and mSAUDI ARABIAy first book about paranormal is ‘exploring the power of your inner mind” by prof. jimmy (it’s still my favorite).i begun collecting gemstones and my favorite crystal is black and green tourmaline because of it’s positive energy and my pendulum is rose quartz.i become more sensitive to energy and i can feel the vibration of some of the stones when meditating.but i never saw too much energy emited from a crystal when prof. jimmy tested the Guardian Diamond in your video.Ibang klase talaga ang lakas.i was thinking it’s very good for making an elixer.i’m wearing magnets for my energy and quantum pendant( Scalar energy) and tourmaline for electric current but the GD has it all.maybe i attracted people like you and i thank the universe for knowing you.”


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