Psychic Powers

Psychic Power is a natural ability of the Mind that can be tapped consciously and unconsciously, voluntarily and involuntarily. But inner abilities such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, and psychometry differ from a person to another depends on how the ability develops. There are people that are very telepathic, others are telekinetic, while some are clairvoyants and very sensitive to subtle energies.


This is the autobiography of, and the first book by, the famous and controversial Israeli psychic known throughout the world as the man who – apparently by force of will – bends keys and spoons, who mends broken radios and stopped watches, and who has demonstrated in controlled experiments at the University of London, at the Stanford Research Institute, and elsewhere, staggering extra-sensory powers. It is Uri’s own story, in his own words, of his incredible powers. ‘It amazes me,’ he says, ‘every time these things happen. I want to jump up and point them out to people.’ And it also tells of Uri’s ambivalence about what he can do and about the enigma it poses. ‘I ask myself why does it have to be watches, keys, metals? Why do they throw me symbols?’

Here, too, is the story of how Uri came to reaise his powers and of how they affected him. His was a normal childhood (with loving though divorced parents, dogs, a dislike of school, typically adolescent adventures), except that strange and embarrassing things seemed to happen when Uri was around. He describes an event in a ‘magical mystery garden’ when he was three or four. He recalls his first telepathic and clairvoyant experiences: reading his mother’s mind, on several occasions sensing potential disasters, shocking his school-teachers when he took tests and wrote compositions (‘Many times mine was exactly the same as the guy’s sitting five chairs behind me’). Want to see Uri Geller in Action: he bends a spoon ; he bends a key

Nina Kulagina

Nina was always aware that she had psychic powers. She could mentally see things inside people’s pockets, and when she met sick people she could identify the disease they were suffering from, an image of the illness appearing in her mind. On one occasion when she was in a particularly angry mood, she was walking towards a cupboard in her apartment when a jug in the cupboard suddenly moved to the edge of the shelf, fell and smashed to pieces on the floor. After that, changes began to take place in her apartment. Lights went on and off; objects became animated and seemed somehow to be attracted to her. It was similar to having a poltergeist, but Nina knew the psychic power was coming from her, and discovered that, if she tried, she could control it. Watch Nina in a controlled experiment:

The REAL X-Men

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