Rey with Master Del pe

Master Del Pe, trained by Himalayan Masters and Sages

Del Pe is a leadership, performance, management and spiritual mentor to leaders and organizations around the world utilizing the best of Eastern widsom applied with Western practicality. Del Pe brings a unique perspective not found in traditional education by applying wisdom gained traveling to over 60 countries, researching, validating and teaching universal leadership models. These models synthesize his global experience as a native of Asia, engineer in Saudi Arabia, martial arts champion and businessperson establishing and managing 14 organizations on both Eastern and Western continents. After receiving training with 4 enlightened Masters in Asia and the Himalayas, Del Pe formed GLOCEN to help provide practical performance and management strategies integrated with spiritual mentoring.

Acquaintance With Master Del Pe

Rey with Master Del Pe

I’ve met Master Del Pe in a breakfast meeting last January 8, 2007 together with some esoteric people including former actress ms Elizabeth Oropesa and Crystal book author Riza Regis. We’ve shared our views with regards to spiritual enlightenment and Del Pe shared his knowledge about what he learned from the Masters in the Himalayas. January 10, 2007 I attended his seminar about the Spiritual and Material Benefits of Human’s Sexuality, how to safely control the kundalini and use it in a fruitful way that could shape a good fortune. For more information about Master Del Pe’s teachings and his visions, visit his site


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