Near Death Experience

Astral Travel/Projection, Dreams, Near Death Experience

Astral Travel/Projection or Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) is an opportunity for the soul to explore the world beyond physical reality. Most of our Dreams are unconscious OOBE such as flying, walking and falling in an unknown reality. Sometimes dead relatives communicate the living thru dreams but in fact it really manifested in the Astral Realm. Astral travel and Dreams are somehow related or interconnected because we can’t really perceive a dream is actually an Astral experience. Near Death Experience (NDE) is another matter. It is a process where a soul travels at the moment its physical body is at a very critical condition such as undergoing a surgical operation. People who experienced NDE usually see a tunnel of light from heaven, an invitation to any soul to visit the higher dimensions of the astral reality.

An Out of Body Experience known as Astral Projection is a process that you are leaving your body and viewing the world from a different perspective than you normally would in a conscious state.  During an OBE one always has a clear acknowledgement of “self,” which makes an OBE much different than the typical dream. Generally,  an OBE will end abruptly, sometimes with the sensation of falling.  Some experiences may occur spontaneously during deep relaxation, sleep, or near-sleep. Learning to control an OBE offers the unique opportunity to experience and explore beyond the limits of the physical senses and obtain firsthand knowledge of the very essence of existence. Most people view their duplicate selves the same as they would in the physical world, and the more open an individual is to expanded perceptions beyond the physical world, the more enhanced their capabilities will become.

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