Project Serpo Re-enacted in the Spielberg's Film (close encounters of the third kind)

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“Theorists debate about the existence of many secret operations by government from all over the world mostly cases involving US government. It is said that governments are conniving with alien beings developing advanced space and weapons technology. There were also reports of conspiracy to make Earth a very dangerous planet for human species.”

The US-Zeta Alien Beings (EBENs) Exchange Program Exposed

Zeta Reticuli Star System
Project Serpo Re-enacted in the Spielberg's Film (close encounters of the third kind)

Project SERPO: The US-Zeta Reticuli Space Exchange Program

The program commenced in 1965 and originally expired in 1978. 12 military experts trained in space travel were sent to Planet Serpo, a planet of the Zeti Reticuli Star System, some 39 light years away from Earth. 8 of the crew returned in 1978, two died in the alien planet while two were ordered to stay. The exchange program was forged by the US government and the alien beings called EBENs of the Roswell UFO crash, to have an exchange of information between the worlds (Earth and Serpo). Some UFOlogists say the project is a hoax, others say it is a combination of the truth and deception but other groups say it is a fact about the secret agreement of the US and the Zeta Extra terrestrials. Steven Spielberg’s film Close Encounter of the Third Kind depicts the project’s implementation.

AREA 51: A Secret Place for Alien-Human Conspiracy?

Area 51 on Google Map
Area 51: Zoom Photo
Area 51: Zoom Photo

Advance Technology: Hypersonic Aircraft

Search for Extraterrestrial Life

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