CEU ghosts

Ghosts Appear in a Photo

Taken inside one of the buildings of Centro Escolar University – Mendiola Campus, Manila. The school was said to be haunted by souls of dead people trapped in this reality of existence. The student narrated her story of the ghost encounter. “Last Saturday (March 1, 2008), our classmates and I were in a classroom in our school. We fooled around a bit, so we played with our camera phones. Accidentally, when one of my classmates got a snapshot of the rooms windows, an image of a lady appeared.” Kindly give comments about the photo especially the ghost. I could see it a sad face of a girl. She looks like wearing the school’s on-the-job-training (OJT) uniform. An update about this ghost encounter: The photo owner says she had a nightmare with this entity trying to take her to the other side (after life). Convinced with others’ observation of the picture, three ghosts can be seen in this photo. But as i observed it deeper I could see at least 6 ghost entities.

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