Exposing Project Serpo – 1965 Human (US)/Alien Exchange Program

Are you aware of the human – alien exchange program that was agreed upon between two races way back year 1965? On that year the US government carefully selected 12 military personnel; ten men and two women. They

were trained, vetted and carefully removed from the military system. The
12 were skilled in various specialties.

Steven Spielberg’s movie “Close Encounter of the Third Kind” was actually a re-enactment of the exchange program when a military personnel, who knew of the Serpo Project, imparted their knowledge to Spielberg.

Serpo, is an Earth-size planet with a population of around 650-thousand alien beings known in UFOlogy as EBENs (Extraterrestrial Biological ENtity). An EBEN who survived the Roswell UFO Crash was said to have used a communication device to set up the exchange.

This exchange program was exposed by a certain Request Anonymous.

Read RA statement below:

“I am a retired employee of the U.S. Government. I won’t go into any great details about my past, but I
was involved in a special program.

As for Roswell, it occurred, but not like the story books tell.
There were two crash sites. One southwest of Corona, New Mexico and the
second site at Pelona Peak, south of Datil, New Mexico.

The crash involved two extraterrestrial aircraft. The Corona site
was found a day later by an archaeology team. This team reported the
crash site to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s department. A deputy arrived
the next day and summoned a state police officer. One live entity [EBE]
was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but declined
food. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos.

The information eventually went to Roswell Army Air Field. The site
was examined and all evidence was removed. The bodies were taken to Los
Alamos National Laboratory because they had a freezing system that
allowed the bodies to remain frozen for research. The craft was taken to
Roswell and then onto Wright Field, Ohio.

The second site was not discovered until August 1949 by two
ranchers. They reported their findings several days later to the sheriff
of Catron County, New Mexico. Because of the remote location, it took
the sheriff several days to make his way to the crash site. Once at the
site, the sheriff took photographs and then drove back to Datil.

Sandia Army Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico was then notified. A
recovery team from Sandia took custody of all evidence, including six
bodies. The bodies were taken to Sandia Base, but later transferred to
Los Alamos.

The live entity established communications with us and provided us
with a location of his home planet. The entity remained alive until
1952, when he died. But before his death, he provided us with a full
explanation of the items found inside the two crafts. One item was a
communication device. The entity was allowed to make contact with his

Somehow, I never knew this information, but a meeting date was set
for April 1964 near Alamogordo New Mexico. The Aliens landed and
retrieved the bodies of their dead comrades. Information was exchanged.
Communication was in English. The aliens had a translation device.”

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Man in Saudi Arabia Senses the Energy of GD Crystal

The Healing GD Crystal

A man in Saudi Arabia shared his paranormal experience with the Guardian Diamond (GD) Crystal, when he could even sense the strong energy emitting from the GD Crystal while watching the video posted in Youtube.

Donald Alvarez admitted in his email to Mr. Rey T. Sibayan of Misteryo that he became interested with crystals 4 years ago when he was still applying for a job abroad.

Since then he learn things about the the power of the crystals.



Read mr. Alvarez statement about his experience with GD Crystal.
“Eversince i learned about the GD in your website i really got excited and i cannot wait to hold it in my hand.everytime i think about the GD i can feel the energy flowing to me and i felt cool sensation on my chest.maybe it can help me on my meditation and remote viewing.yes,i’m practising remote viewing but i can’t concentrate because of my monkey mind i’m hopefull the GD can help me to concentrate more.i become interested in crystals about 4 years ago when i was still applying for a job abroad.since i was renting a room in quiapo i was exposed to the crystals beside the church and i met different people and learned about the power of the crystals.actually,i was interested in paranormal long time ago and mSAUDI ARABIAy first book about paranormal is ‘exploring the power of your inner mind” by prof. jimmy (it’s still my favorite).i begun collecting gemstones and my favorite crystal is black and green tourmaline because of it’s positive energy and my pendulum is rose quartz.i become more sensitive to energy and i can feel the vibration of some of the stones when meditating.but i never saw too much energy emited from a crystal when prof. jimmy tested the Guardian Diamond in your video.Ibang klase talaga ang lakas.i was thinking it’s very good for making an elixer.i’m wearing magnets for my energy and quantum pendant( Scalar energy) and tourmaline for electric current but the GD has it all.maybe i attracted people like you and i thank the universe for knowing you.”


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Testimonies on the Power of the Guardian Diamond Crystal


The Truth about Nature Spirits of the Elemental Kingdom

We have FOUR Basic Elements of Nature: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Each element has a corresponding Nature Spirit – the spiritual essence of the particular element.

Nature Spirits are made up of Etheric Substance that is unique and specific to their particular element. They are living entities oftentimes resembling humans in shape but inhabiting a world of their own.

The beings in the Elemental Kingdom work primarily on the mental plane and are known as “builders of form.” Their specialty is translating thought-forms into physical forms by transforming mental patterns into etheric and then physical patterns. Each of them is a specialist in creating some specific form whether it be an electron or interstellar space.

Elementals range in size from smaller than an electron to vaster than galactic space. Like the angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size and increase their size as they evolve. The elementals serving on planet Earth materialize whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the
remanifestation of “heaven on Earth.” They take their orders from the devas.

They do not remain individualized as humans are. These beings are animated by the thought power of the lower angels and so are thought forms of sorts.

They may be etheric thoughts forms, yet they have etheric flesh, blood, and bones. They live, propagate off spring, eat, talk, act, and sleep. They cannot be destroyed by frosser material elements such as fire, air, earth, and water because they are etheric in nature. they are not immortal. When their work is finished they are absorbed back into the ocean of spirit. They do live a very long time–300 to 1,000 years.

They have the power to change their size and appearance almost at will. They
cannot, however, change elements.

Earth Gnomes

The nature spirits of the Earth are called Gnomes. Gnomes are connected to the earth element, which includes the minerals. They live inside the earth, although there are some forest gnomes, who take care of the forest on the level of the earth element. They vary in size from 2 to 3 feet. They look a bit knotty, gnarled, and in general they are a bit gruff, and do not trust easily humans. Gnomes take care not only of the earth and minerals, but also of the roots of plants. They have strong senses and intellect. They understand what they hear and see. They not only receive the cosmic influences, but also ideas. They have a clear consciousness. A plant receives energies from the cosmos and lets them sink into the soil, where the gnomes collect this information and pass it on to the earth, to all the minerals. Their knowledge is immediate, that is, when they receive information through their senses they immediately ‘know’. Because they have a universal intellect they tend to look down on humans as incomplete beings. They don’t have to think things over as we do, thus they think that we are dumb. Gnomes have an inner sense with which they experience what is in the minerals and metals, these being receivers of what is above the earth. They also seem to be sensitive to influences of the moon. With full moon, they form a thick ‘skin’ to protect themselves against the moon light, with new moon they are almost transparent. They are always alert what happens around and to them.

Fire: Salamanders

The salamanders are the spirit of fire. Without these beings, fire cannot exist. You cannot light a match without a salamander’s being present. There are many families of salamanders, differing in size, appearance, and dignity. Some people have seen them as small balls of light, but most commonly they are perceived as being lizard-like in shape and
about a foot or more in length. The salamanders are considered the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals. Their ruler is a magnificent flaming being called Djin. Those who have seen him say that he is terrible, yet awe-inspiring in appearance. Salamanders have the ability to extend their size or diminish it, as needed. If you ever need to light a campfire in the wilderness, call to the salamanders and they will help you. It has also been said that salamanders (and the other elemental beings) can be mischievous at times. For example, a fiery temper and inharmonious conditions in a person’s home can cause these beings to make trouble. They are like children in that they don’t fully understand the results of their actions. They are greatly affected, as are all nature spirits, by human humankind’s thinking.

Air: Sylphs

The sylphs are the air spirits. Their element has the highest vibratory rate of the four
(beside earth, fire, water). They live hundreds of years, often reaching one thousand and never seeming to get old. They are said to live on the tops of mountains. The leader of the sylphs is a being called Paralda who is said to dwell on the highest mountain of Earth. Sylphs often assume human form but only for short periods of time. The vary in size from being as large as a human to being much smaller. They are volatile and changeable. The winds are their particular vehicle. The work through the gases and ethers of the Earth and are kindly toward humans. They are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or fairies. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those on creative arts.

Water: Undines

The undines are the elemental beings that compose water. They are able to control, to a great degree, the course and function of the water element. Etheric in nature, they exist within the water itself and this is why they can’t be seen with the normal physical vision. These beings are beautiful to look at and are very graceful. They are often seen riding the waves of the ocean. They can also be found in rocky pools and in marshlands. They are clothed in a shimmery substance looking like water but shinning with all the colors of the sea, with green predominating. The concept of the mermaid is connected with these elemental beings. The undines also work with the plants that grow under the water and with the motion of water. Some undines inhabit waterfalls, others live in rivers and lakes. Every fountain has its nymph. Every ocean has its oceanids. The undines closely resemble humans in appearance and size, except for those inhabiting smaller streams and ponds. The undines often live in coral caves under the ocean or on the shores of lakes or banks of rivers. Smaller undines live under lily pads. The undines work with the vital essences and liquids of plants, animals, and human beings. They are present in everything containing water. There are many families of undines, as the chart indicates. The ruler of the undines is a called Necksa. The undines love, serve, and honor her unceasingly. They are emotional beings, very friendly and open to being of service to human beings. The smaller undines are often seen as winged beings that people have mistakenly called fairies. Those winged beings are seen near flowers that grow in watery areas. They have gossamer wings and gossamer clothing.


What Are Devas?

Dwarves and Other Nature Spirits

Knowing the Devas and Angels

 Elemental Spirits

cartoon ghosts

Tips on Ghost Hunting and How to Deal with Spirits

To those interested in Ghost Hunting, the tips below might be of great help to you. Remember, dealing with ghosts and other unseen entities is not a game or joke. You might put yourself in great danger if you just think playing with
spirits or any unseen entity. Be always on guard at anytime and anywhere because the reality is we are living among the spiritual realm meaning spirits are all around us.

  1. Let them (ghosts & spirits) know they are not forgotten
    Let your journey in this field of study be a labor of love. Remember
    to be respectful of ghosts & sprits, as they were once people, and
    still are for that matter.
  2. Never tease, threaten or dare an unseen entity
    First of all, we want to be taken seriously. Secondly, we are ghost
    hunters, not bullies. Lastly, we sure don’t want any vindictive entities
    following us home or worse yet, attacking and hurting us.
  3. Conduct yourself as a professional at all times
    We always want to present ourselves as one in control. And that of course means around other investigators, victims of a haunting, and even to the ghosts themselves. Self-confidence and control will radiate like a beacon of light and thus serve as a shield of protection.
  4. Never seek out entities on your own.  A team of two works well and three is the ideal number. Larger groups will need to break up into smaller groups.
  5. Addicting habits can be contradictory to your ghostly pursuits
    Examples would be heavy addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, an
    abnormal sex drive, etc. These things in excess make you vulnerable and susceptible to attack. The attack stems from the entities attraction to your addictions and also because of your weakness. Mind altering
    substances are particularly enticing to them.
  6. Pay attention to your dreamsEntities will use this relaxed state of mind & body to try and influence or torment it’s targeted victim. Use whatever wording is necessary (according to your own spiritual beliefs) to command such an intrusion to cease. Command it in the holy name of your God or higher power.
  7. Use religious relics & symbols as a protection
    But only use these if you believe in what they can do. It’s not the item
    itself that has the power, it’s what it symbolizes according to your
    faith. That’s what actually gives it its power.
  8. Listen to your instincts and your intuition
    Draw from the power within. You will find this to be your greatest resource.
  9. Never leave a team member behind, not ever
    Commit yourself to the task at hand until it’s done. A combined effort makes the team a whole intricate working structure.
  10. Always consider all aspects of a haunting
    Go into an investigation with a kind heart and gracious attitude. But know that most hauntings can be explained. i.e. house settling, furnace noises etc. And as sad as it is, you must also consider the mental & emotional state of the victim as well. Paranoia, delusional
    aspects and mental illness in general may be a consideration. As a
    final note; it should also be stated however, that in some cases, an
    unstable person can actually be open to these types of visitors and or
  11. Always remember, you are the one in control
    You have the body and thus you have the power. It’s really simple, you are in your element. This is your dimension and your reality. Unseen entities are intruders into your space. That is, unless they are invited in or find a way in through your weaknesses. Be strong by curving appetites and living a productive & wholesome life.
  12. Be familiar with all aspects of the supernatural
    Know well the entities you pursue. Understand them and the things of their world. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more confident you become. Be careful though, not all knowledge is good. Acquire it with a scientific standpoint.
  13. Your best protection is in the life you lead
    If you are active in ghostly pursuits then evil will cross your path, so be armed. If you are religious, then live your religion. But whether you are or not, you best protection is to live so as to put others first. Good
    deeds and a love for all life is your greatest protection.
  14. Don’t be afraid to experiment
    Not everything you try will work. If one attempt or theory fails, keep
    trying. Simply move on to the next thing on your list. And by all means, have a list.
  15. Do your homework
    Consider all aspects of an investigation before you go. A preliminary walk through ahead of time is advised. Doing a history check is helpful as well. Anything you can find out ahead of time will be to your advantage.
  16. Never be without outside contact
    Make sure others outside your team are aware of where you are when on an assignment or investigation. A cell phone is a must.
  17. Demonic Possession
    It’s extremely rare that you will ever hear of a full-fledged demonic
    possession. But it is something that all ghost hunters need to be aware of and briefed on. Full-possession requires an “invitation” in
    order to gain a foothold. However, there are activities that can be
    construed as an invitation. i.e. Ouija boards, séances, etc. A person with heavy addictions, sins, depression or someone who is desperately lonely are more apt to be targets. When any type of invitation is construed, whether implied or direct, it may very well be acted upon by such evil entities. Even with all that, it’s still rare that evil will triumph successfully, but it is possible in some cases. Ghost hunters are somewhat susceptible because of the nature of their work.
  18. Lower Level Entities
    There are other less severe life forms that we need to be aware of as well. They are evil and are here to weaken the population through their influence. Their ultimate goal is to distract us from our life duties and make us as unproductive as possible. These creatures are subtle but very much determined. People that allow themselves to be heavily influenced in this direction are also more prone to demonic possession. This type of entity uses distraction through such things as computers, video games, unwholesome activities, etc. If you miss out on important family outings or you lose your job because you want to stay home and play video games, etc, then they have gained some control. It’s called, lower level possession. Ghost hunters need to avoid this trap at all cost. Refer to codes 5, 6, 11 & 13. And for a good resource, buy a book on Psychic Self-Defense.
  19. Be scientifically minded
    Strive to prove the existence of ghosts and the afterlife. We as Ghost Hunters cannot simply rely on the word of someone with a particular gift. We need to know for ourselves and we need to document it in our studies.
  20. Rely on your senses
    Be ever mindful of your own awareness. We are all born with the gift of inspiration. We also have a bell (so to speak) that sounds off when we are in danger. It’s a gift that needs to be focused on. Constantly pay
    attention to this special ability that we all have. Especially when on an investigation. As you become more aware and in tune, you will be able to better sense ghosts & other types of entities.
  21. Evidence is everything
    All we really have to show for our hard word is the evidence we collect. So take notes, write up reports, snap pictures, collect EVPs. Keep a log.
  22. Be aware that theories change
    What is believed to be true today may not be tomorrow. If there’s anything we can depend on, it’s change. What we may know about ghosts today may change tomorrow. We need to embrace credible evidence and use that knowledge to our advantage. So be willing to let go of old theories when need be. If we don’t, we will be left behind.
  23. Expect Results
    Go into every assignment with an attitude of well defined purpose. Go
    knowing you have your preliminary research accomplished beforehand and then have a plan to make it all come together. A good investigator is organized and thorough. The right attitude yields results!
  24. It’s okay to be afraid
    That is, as long as it doesn’t seriously effect the investigation or make you especially vulnerable. Excessive fear will make you ineffective as a contributing team member and will make you a target for entities. Excessive fear or anger feeds and empowers curtain types of entities. Enjoy the thrill of the chase and scream if you must. But everything in moderation.
    It will protect you on your journey and guide you on your quest. Ghost
    hunting will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life…

Don’t Trust Good Looking Spirits (Elementals or Encantos)

Unknown to many Filipinos especially Pinays, elementals or nature spirits (local name: encanto) are visiting them in their dreams appearing to be good looking guys and friendly.

But in the end, their astral bodies will be trapped in the elemental kingdom mostly turning them into slaves or imprison them for infinite period.

A 35-year old woman, who claimed she was being abducted by an “encanto” and in captivity for three years,was freed by a known spiritual healer.

Jinalyn Hugo of Puerto Princesa, reveals her ordeal on air over DZRH’s
paranormal radio program Misteryo, a week after she was being freed from
captivity by Energy/Magnetic Healer Bro. Emil.

Bro. Emil, a native of Naga City, is known to have special abilities of extracting
negative energies(diseases) and bad spirits with his unique healing
technique and using the Guardian Diamond crystals.

Hugo remembers she was sleeping past midnight – 3 years ago, in their house
in Palawan, when an encanto identified as tikbalang – a horse-headed
elemental, forcibly pulled her astral(spiritual) body from her resting
physical body and tied her up with a tree without food and drinks

Hugo’s claim confirms several cases of encanto abductions in the Philippines mostly victimizing women (preferably
virgins/young girls), and held in captivity while others were imprisoned
as slaves in the realm of the elementals.

Elementals are those nature spirits associated with elements (earth, fire, water, air),and
earth elementals such as dwarves, horse-headed being (tikbalang) and big hairy spirit (kapre) are commonly identified as
abductors of women, though there were also reports that malevolent
fairies and mermaids are luring male humans, and trapped them in their

Of course, we cannot say that all elementals are considered to be negative spirits but we just want to warn people
especially women not to trust good looking guys appearing in their
dreams and eventually abducting their astral bodies and imprison them in
their kingdom.

The worst effects of these astral body abductions were the sufferings of the physical bodies being used/abused by other
elemental beings,while the owners are in captivity – mostly possessed by
low level spirits, bombarded with illness and eventually leading to
victims’ physical death.

Prayer, meditation, spiritual shielding and other protective stones/crystals are suggested methods for
protection against encanto or elemental abductions.

Source: Misteryo: Healer Frees Woman from Encanto’s Captivity