EDSA Omen: Messages from Beyond

Bad or good omen? Whatever it is? Definitely, the unusual “snafu” in the 22nd Anniversary of 1986 EDSA People Power 1 last February 25, 2008 could be messages from beyond. Messages to all Filipinos about the present political crisis in the country. It could be the worst case scenario to come if the crisis is not resolved by peaceful means.

There are three incidents considered to be omens or signs about what could happen in the political situation in the country.

First. the Philippine flag rose to half-mast and refused to go any further. As the flag raisers tugged at the string, it snapped, causing the flag to fall to the ground.

Interpretation: Raising the flag but it stopped at a half-mast could mean a “half-mast” situation (half-mast usually a symbol of grief, pain or sorrow due to violence or death). The snapping of string could mean opposing forces in the country that could lead to a chaotic situation. It could also mean a fall of the people involve in the political crisis and fall of our nation from the present economic status.

Second.During the latter part of the program, a singer performed nationalistic songs like “Magkaisa” and “Bayan Ko” that were symbolic of the bloodless revolt against the Marcos dictatorship in 1986.But in the middle of his singing, the sound system malfunctioned, and the male crooner just had to sing a capella.

Interpretation: There are no reasons at the moment to celebrate because of the political crisis we are facing. Logically, there is no such thing as “pagkakaisa” ng “bayan ko”. The situation could lead to more sacrifices among Filipinos to retain the spirit of oneness in the country but with extra efforts (acapella).

Third. the confetti supposed to be showered down on the people from a helicopter at the end of the program dropped in large clumps like rocks, eliciting laughter from the crowd, many of whom had to run for cover to avoid getting hit by the blocks of paper falling from the sky.

Interpretation: We are trying to hide the real political situation in the country especially those in power. They keep trying to smile and celebrate thru confettis but in fact we are doing some things to hurt ourselves like rocks. We are not doing anything to resolve the issues, we just laugh at the situation and those people involved in any scandalous activity but failed to realize that it affects us all in this country.

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